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[Marxism] not so fast, Lars!

April 13th, 2017 · No Comments

It is very hard to sort out this hopeless muddle of the Russian revolution and Lenin. The study of all this, despite its compelling interest, requires a kind of detachment and a frankly a resolve to move on. We can’t ‘fix the errors’ of the era of bolshevism and proceed to a second attempt. We must completely recast the issues of socialism/communism and one issue here is to get beyond the ‘two stage’ view of history. That means we must disown the whole phase of the bolsheviks. The left will get one more shot if lucky and this will require creating at step one a hybrid of liberalism and communism in a single step. Our manifestos have indicated the means to do this, and stance on private property will be the decisive step beyond the control of the bourgeoisie. But the overall result has to be a practical system and here we have suggested a three sector solution. We have even proposed thinking not in terms of the working class but of the universal class. It is entirely possible and cogent however to move in two ways here: an embrace of the universal class and an initiative inside that of the working class which at this point however is moving into a blend of the middle class and the old working class. We will complete this discussion in another post.

Kevin Corr rebuts claims of Lih (and by extension Blanc) on April Theses: http://isj.org.uk/lenins-april-theses-and-the-russian-revolution/

Source: [Marxism] not so fast, Lars!

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