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time for the demolition via critique of Islam/Hinduism (and Judeo-Christianity//Erdogan and Modi aren’t the Trumps of the East – The Washington Post

April 17th, 2017 · No Comments

The strange wave of authoritarian and right wing leaders is partly a hidden puzzle (which we have discussed at The Gurdjieff Con) and the connection with Trump or Putin is unclear to many.

But in general the time has come for a general critique and debriefing of Islam and Hinduism with an equal initiative with respect to Judeo-Christianity. There is a longstanding cabal to destroy modernity and democratic freedom gestating since the nineteenth century with an occult fascist component. The trend to authoritarian rule is especially sad in the Middle East and is buttressed by reactionary Islamic and Sufi zones with out and out occult fascists in the field of Tibetan Buddhism and various guru sectors such as Oshoism.
The critique of Islam from both a religious and post-religious secular perspective is an important task not only for modernists still entangled in Islam but for global outsiders who should offer assistance in the exposure of the Islamic legacy, most hopefully without Islmophobia or the narrow perspectives of the New Atheists.

Source: Erdogan and Modi aren’t the Trumps of the East – The Washington Post

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