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R48G: How about a Bolivarian DMNC? //What is Behind Protest Violence in Venezuela? – teleSUR Videos

April 21st, 2017 · No Comments

What’s behind the violence in Venezuela is fairly obvious, the right, and the US/CIA, etc…

Some kibbitzing…
But we can also consider the lack of a clear definition of socialism and the elements of incoherence/indecision in the Venezuelan path. We can without apology interject, if only as a study resource (it would be easy to misjudge the actual reality on the ground), our ‘manifesto’ level considerations of Democratic Market Neo-communism. The confusions of the classic left tend to produce polarization and inflame the bourgeoisie. This is inevitable perhaps but a better way forward is possible by at once being more radically communist and yet less totally against markets without compromising with ‘capitalism’: our DMNC formulation has the potential to point to just the kind of mixed system that could allow the Bolivarians to complete their revolution (they should do so as soon as possible) even as the issues of markets and planning, next to a low level autonomous sector, are subject to a considered balance of opposites to create a viable transition that will allow a balance of outcomes that aren’t compromises.
I would say ‘Bravo’ to the taking over of the GM plant, take over the whole game, create a Commons of general ownership, establish a mix of strong statism and parliamentary democracy, a post-capitalist market sector next to a planned sector, with a third sector of relative autonomy. This kind of three-way ‘dialectic’ in a triad of social states could disarm the right and put Venezuela on a path to socialist completion.

Source: What is Behind Protest Violence in Venezuela? – teleSUR Videos

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