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R48G: utopian versus scientific socialism? //Reply to Black Flag: Marxism or anarchism? – An open letter to thinking anarchists 

April 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

These criticisms of anarchism are well taken but does the marxist left really have an edge up here? Let us consider the old distinction of ‘utopian versus scientific socialism’.

The naivete of the so-called utopian socialists deserved a critique but the claim that marxism had produced a scientific substitute has subjected the left to a set of brittle claims that are easy targets for capitalist ideologists. The issue is not utopianism or pseudo-sciences of history but a viable program that stands beyond theory as a project to bring about a new form of economy and politics. And this is not utopian because it is a constructivist project of constitutional specifics (neo-communism) remorphing democratic legacies and with a hybrid of market and planning. This system would carry out the expropriation of the bourgeoisie to a Commons. This system is not utopian because it consists of a set of finite legal steps, and is indifferently scientific because it is based on free agents able to act in history, not on a set of ‘causal’ laws in a science.
The endless confusions of everyone from Bakunin to Proudhon are well answered in this article but the problems with classic marxism are equally intractable. The remarkable thing is that there is a way out of all these confusions, if only the marxist left could break its older mindset and think in fresh concepts.

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