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April 25th, 2017 · No Comments

The revolutionary theme as a failsafe
January 27th, 2017 ·

Point of No Return/Amazon

Trump is a strange case: as noted here several times he seems to be zombie-like as human torpedo to destroy american democracy. That is close to a conspiracy theory also, as we have discussed here many times. But whatever the case we are confronted with the potential for a ‘revolution or bust’ situation that we must consider. The conspiracy must have backfired. Trump is laying the foundations for a revolution of people so shocked by events they will stand for it no longer.

The revolutionary theme is appropriate in our way of taking it: a failsafe against an unlikelihood that is ready to challenge the ‘revolution’ from the right.
It is a bit unrealistic, to some irresponsible, to harp on a revolutionary theme, but the tactic was in fact theoretical. Now the reality seems to be developing as an alternative that is less than theoretical. So we should be no longer the lunatic fringe! Our thinking is shared by a conservative southerner, here
The point here is to be ready for the unexpected, for a revolution we didn’t ask for, and/or a revolution that ‘as usual’ ends up in something we didn’t want.


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