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February 20th, 2017 ·

We have consistently cited material from the two main ID blogs, but not because we support ‘intelligent design’ as such, at least the full blown Discovery Institute versions…We have however introduced a whole new perspective on design in relation to history (and evolution) in terms of a new kind of model, with associated issues of secular humanism, leftist issues, teleological questions, and with a core examination of Kant’s classic essay on history (which was actually a challenge to find design in history, including a footnote to the intelligent design aspect with a reference to a suspicion of a demiurge in nature). We have claimed to show the first steps to the solution of that ‘challenge’ set by the seminal philosopher who generated the era of the much neglected ‘teleomechanists’. A look at Descent of Man Revisted can clarify this stance which is very critical of biblical textualism…We have consistently shifted gears dialectically between atheist design arguments, and a version of Bennett’s demiurgic powers shifted in a new conceptual framework, with an ersatz term ‘devangelic domains’. By and large however the eonic model is entirely stripped of design arguments with its neutral model which however shows a stunning complexity resulting in a ‘design inference’.

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Kant and the Philosophy of History

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