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R48G: will the celebrity driven/soros funded climate march make much difference?

April 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Climate March news…

At a time of the critical transition of the climate into catastrophe we need more than marches (there could be marches with a more radical perspective, openly promoting a challenges to the current government). The march one must hope had far more effect than one might think but in the end the powers that be are confronting groups they know are in the end harmless, soros funded, gandhians, one day stand whoopers, and feckless marxist radicals who have given up revolutionary aims for conferences on historical materialism…
This is unkind but we need to stop climate calamity within a decade and Trump is trying to steal eight of those years. The whole game needs to be stopped now. At this point the Black Bloc seems closer to the right tactics (still very muddled). The point here is that those who avail of ‘marches’ have a contribution to make, whatever their limitations, but this focus needs a larger platform, a framework that is comprehensive, and a critique of the whole current social/political system.
You can spot the phonies easily: they will call exposes of the 9/11 conspiracies
It is significant in this regard that most of those in these marches would not dare indulge a challenge to the system or support real socialism beyond the Sanders phony brand and they should yield or move to a new type of march: aggressive but still perhaps for many strictly legal ‘evolutionary’ protests, but the virtual revolution in the wings, with comprehensive platforms encompassing virtual revolution, socialist/ecological economics, real populism, ..:

climate change
the coming catastrophe
socialist/ecological populism
challenges to american imperialism, covert agencies
exposes of the 9/11 deep state
the question of Israel and the Lobby
exposes of the hidden drug mafia in the covert agencies
the list is considerable …but the basics of a comprehensive platform is needed with its own kind of march.

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