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archive: the global ‘conspiracy’ of anti-democratic stupido dictators…

May 1st, 2017 · No Comments

The global ‘conspiracy’ of anti-democratic stupido dictators…
April 4th, 2017 ·

If we look at figures like Putin then the more recent Erdogan, and the Egyptian Sisi, we can detect (Putin gives the game away) a deliberate conspiracy to undermine democracy globally. Trump’s entry into this field is a dead ringer. We have also speculated/hinted at a deeper connection to occult, fascist/spiritual thinking with figures like the Dalai Lama (to be fair his hidden background, to which he is probably denied connection) at the fringes and typical hidden fascist like Osho/Rajneesh having generated momentum here. Alexander Dugin is of course an obvious (complete idiot) bit of foam on the wave. But the main suspects should be totally invisible sufistic type operators. We can hardly know. But it looks like second rate amateurs are trying to imitate nineteenth century occult fascism. This must be distinguished as to levels. By the time we get to actual dictators we find relatively autonomous ‘dictators in place’ with a rough sense of trying to foment anti-democracy.

The remarkable factor is the core stupidity of the exemplars here in the context of the bad odor of invisible influences or control factors, the ‘mind control’ hallucianation.

Trump fits the mold remarkably well and he seems to have backfired here in the way his near retard status has driven him to bungle the whole job. But the net effect of degrading american democracy is proceeding apace.

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