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R48G: another potshot at Soros, clopen (closed/open) societies, and the DMNC approach to a true open society

May 1st, 2017 · No Comments

We took a potshot at Popperian George Soros yesterday as the svengali financier of the Climate March, and it is worth considering both the limits of Karl Popper’s instant conservativism in the idea of the ‘open society’. In the era of Stalin the former socialist Popper was, like the early post-Trotskyite neocons, a convert to a flawed version of his own idea. In the neo-liberal era the idea that capitalist domination is evidence of a true open society suffers skeptical collapse. Such societies have a corrupted freedom, a definite induced hypnosis including ideological fixation, and an increasing set of crypto-totalitarian tendencies/agencies/covert control mechanisms that beggar the idea of an open society. It is thus more than obvious that the whole question is on a reciprocal sliding scale with the freedom of markets inducing a loss of freedom in a majority with the need to equalize the question of ‘capital formations’ in order to redress the totalitarian aspect of capital domination. The simplest solution is claim that equality in an opens society requires equal access to and/or equal ownership of the means of production, typically in a Commons that is a de fact ‘communism’. Touche to the neo/paleocon popperians…

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