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archive/2015: closed world of marxist cult

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Closed world of marxist cult
January 9th, 2015 ·


I am often surprised at the failure of many leftists to see the limits of marxism: that is because they cannot easily mix with outsiders, and have a closed view generated by conformity. That creates a situation of naivete: the general public won’t even listen to many of the old jargonized pitches of classic marxism.

The intent in Last and First Men is to change the ‘habits’ of thought that cluster around the ‘dead mass’ of nineteenth century to bolshevik cliches.
At a desperate moment radicals are so turned off they start to reinvent the subject in chaotic fashion. LFM shows a way to do that systematically while still doing justice to the canon.

I think more generally that ‘historical materialism’ is a dead duck in a culture now dominated by as many buddhists as marxists. It is irresponsible at this point to turn off systematically so many in the general public.
The issue of neo-communism can make ample use of the old marxism and yet completely change all the labels, rewrite theory/history and translate the core ideas of class and ideology to a new framework.

As things stand now the old marxist left is blocking any real activist group in the way it dogmatizes stale jargon.

I cannot even subscribe to the main marxist listservs to exchange commentary. Hard to believe

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