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R48G: notes for an exit strategy for ‘xtians’ from religious domination to a radical ‘munzerian’ secular/religious movement…theological shock treatment

May 10th, 2017 · No Comments

We have often attempted to debrief xtianity, but have as well debriefed attempted debriefings, viz. secular humanism…

In many ways ex-xtians have resources that could actually help in the era of scientism we find ourselves in, and a radical/revolutionary successor to e.g. abolitionism/quakerism with Munzer in the background could be a useful continuation of the Reformation and a radical platform for a postcapitalist transition (from vulgar capitalist versions of the early calvinists, etc…)

It is important to consider that the birth of modern communism next to More’s Utopia was the early reformation, right on the button in the 1520’s…What does that tell you?

A radical xtianity might move from classic ‘faith religion’ to a Kantian version that can expose its own metaphysics
It should be an ‘atheist xtianity’ with respect to the legacy of childish ‘pop religion’ but dialectical theism/atheism with respect to the vast alternate sense of ‘god’. this could be philsophic study
Prayer should be elevated beyond the current gross degeneration of its usage to a formal practice closer to meditation, no more ‘god gimme’ pseudoprayer…

Reformation xtianity is a brand of secularism and its status, open to critique of course, is as modern as anything else. Yet it is also true that the Reformation didn’t really do the job which we have inherited as a potential and a more robust version beyond or mixed with secular humanism…
This would acknowledge that xtianity failed to resolve the question of ethics and could stage of passage through modern kantianism to create a new approach to ethical action (Kant didn’t really solve it either): this would of course attempt to deal withe the thematic of love, hopefully in a form more intelligent than the tradition.

This xtianity must yield its faith/certainties as to the ‘Jesus’ figure and can exist just as viably if he is taken as a myth. Probably Jesus was real, but his legacy has turned into myth

A solution here is to see that (as we have discussed in Enigma of the Axial Age) xtianity was a generation from mysterious ‘spiritual’ powers in nature and this field of spiritual nature will become the object of new and future forms of spiritual science….Man may come to know the finessed front movement of the ‘Jesua’ figure whose action like that of Mohammed was ‘inspiration’ from demiurgic powers in nature…

Xtianity is an immense social resource corrupted by hopelessly muddle theology: it can with a radical restructuring (the quakers often suggest hints of this) become a radical social movement that can balance the failure of scientism.

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