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R48G: our older consideration from last year: is Trump being operated by occult fascists?

May 11th, 2017 · No Comments

We won’t pursue this further now, but refer to The Gurjieff Con for anyone who wishes to consider the issues.

But while I think I may have misjudged the situation (and said so) the suspicion remains that the hidden operation, if any, is actually underway in a fashion I did not grasp at first. The issue is not that Trump is a kind of Hitler, although a number of similarities are obvious, but that a drone operative can, and is, to open manipulations attempting to degrade american democracy. The project seems to have backfired to produce a huge resistance movement. This issue is actually so ancient it is silly, consider the Persians and the Greeks. But buddhist fascism is a new player…we say no more…(actually buddhist fascism was already gestating in the era of Ashoka)

The only safe approach here is skepticism, but we should take note of the realm of buddhist fascism, for example, sufi mind control operators, and more generally the greater awareness in Russia of occult politics with not completely crackpot lunatics like Alexander Dugin (who has Putin’s ear). But it is not a question of Putin who is a secondary player at best. And Dugin is not able to figure out these issues…

The basic point: americans must be very wary of efforts to destroy their democracy with drone idiots…Let me note that people in the Trump world are paranoid about this and we need to pursue this line however questionable as a warning to those surrounding him of the unique danger he represents…Some are listening, although they wouldn’t give me the time of day…

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