History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Marxists attempt to monopolize socialism/communist with bad theories…time to move on…

May 12th, 2017 · No Comments

We keep discussing the eonic effect here because it would make a good bypass for the frozen historical fallacies that are crippling the left with marxist dogmas. The world needs a communist/socialist perspective and the marxist monopoly is insidious and frozen in place. The attempt to claim a hard theory of history, economic fundamentalism, dated materialism and crackpot dialectics begin to generate, we need a break…
The question of history (and evolution) is intractable and it is not fair to claim you have a science of such. And failure to examine the critique of darwinism vitiates everything still further. The evidence of the eonic effect offers an exit from this dilemma with a framework that can be taken minimally as an outline history with respect to known facts. Its more controversial aspects can be assessed in terms of the evidence shown and are not dogmas of some ‘theory’. One advantage is the way that materialism/idealism work equally well with the model given: it reconciles multiple aspects of the ‘reality question’ with a neutral account.
Our two posts before this suggest some ways to bypass the deadlock over theories of history.
It is unfortunately almost impossible to penetrate the cult of marxists, it is terminally closed and a monopoly of idiots.
In general the confusion of religionists is matched by the botched versions of secularism that have reduced modern culture to incoherence. On top of that the theory of Darwinian natural selection, known for decades to be a fallacy, is maintained as hard core dogma preventing any discussion from those who won’t conform to what has become a lie.

A new left is needed to break out of all this.

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