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R48G: the revolutionary imperative…?

May 12th, 2017 · No Comments


The current state of global politics is a species of chaos in the midst of the ‘success’ of globalization. The american juggernaut has turned into a menace against world civilization. Its basic format can be upgraded to something in the realm of sanity, but it would seem the current system is beyond repair. This situation demands a new international that is freed from marxist/bolshevik legacies and can create a broad spectrum that can communicate across secular/religious divides (the eonic model can do that in a second), is economically populist, constitutionally communist, democratically reformed (immune from capital), with a CIA demolition and replacement, a military committed to global justice, a renunciation of imperialism in the creation of a global network of socially responsive states…

A revolutionary activism is both impossible and yet inevitable because necessary if anything like a sane future can be realized. And all this has passed the threshold of outright planetary destruction in the oncoming climate catastrophe.
In a way the US system could be a good flagship nation state because it has the resources to realize a postcapitalist economic/political system, if the will were there. In many ways the system is in fact ripe for a revolutionary transition because the other alternatives are all downhill with a future of totalitarian/oligarchic domination: freedoms are already eroding severely, the coup de grace/coup d’etat can’t be far off: leftist platform needs to meet this threat and be ready to counterattack.

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