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R48G: the theological and now pernicious myth of Israel and Jehovah

May 16th, 2017 · No Comments

We can see from the eonic effect that the history of Israel was remarkable indeed but unfortunately we can also see that the Israelites constructed a false myth of divine action with respect to its creation and in the end those myths are going to undermine the whole Judaic legacy, and Christianity with it. The Old Testament myth has now created a horrible a horrible situation in the middle east and we must aggressively expose the outright lies of the biblical account. We can see that the eonic account is almost more remarkable but is an Axial Age correlate with Greece, and the Indic and Chinese synchronous transitions. It is not believable that one of these shows divine action while the others don’t. In fact the whole question of Israel and Christianity are undergoing collapse and at this point we must applaud this outcome and move to find a genuine exit path.

In the nonce the issue of modern Israel is a gross exploitation of the worst aspects of the Judaic distortion of their own history as propaganda. We need to demand a complete different account that is going to demand justice in the middle east. In a way modern Israel should never have happened and the whole outcome is an abortion of false biblical histories…

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