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Buddhism can be as violent as any other religion | Aeon Essays

May 17th, 2017 · No Comments

This article speaks for itself and indicates the passage of world civilization as modern beyond both Islam and Buddhism.

We can focus on a critique of the notion of the Kali Yuga and point instead to the eonic effect with its clear indication of progression/progress in history, taken with clear dialectical ‘yes and no’. That progression shows that Buddhism/Islam are entities of an earlier era and are moving to dissolve/reform…That said, the emergence of Buddhism was a clear distillation of ‘santana dharma’ and a timeless aspect or recurrence will bring the core ideas to a new global civilization, whether as religion or not…
At the Gurdjieff Con we have exposed the occult fascism of esoteric buddhism and its ultra-violent collision with modernity…

Today, monks in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka continue to fight – violently – for their religion and to call their followers to action. The cycle of violence continues in this final stage of the cycle of time: the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction.

Source: Buddhism can be as violent as any other religion | Aeon Essays

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