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R48G: nationalization as a transition vehicle toward DMNC…Brexit?

May 17th, 2017 · No Comments

In the light of the case of the Brex/Brit Manifesto cited (twice) today we might consider some variants of our Democratic Market Neo-communism based on a virtual version using the idea of nationalization as a transition vehicle to the creation of a Commons. And this emerge in the context of our three sector system…

The question of our DMNC raises the question of internationalization and we can consider a Brex/Brit version of our suggested platform in the context of a post-EU Britain (we cite a post from last year below). Supporting Brexit was/is controversial: our stance is after the fact, for better or for worse…

We need to think in terms of new and different forms of integration….

archive: Brexit? (from last year)

For better or for worse we supported Brexit here: the example of Greece made it obvious to me there was a deep problem with the EU. The many later attacks from the left of Brexit were also welcome, to me, but in the end my position (I don’t have to live in England and suffer any consequences) is simply this: the EU is a failing integrative unit in a globalizing world and its character can be seen by its behavior at its fringes: the case of Greece is very obvious evidence that the EU has the wrong constellation of elements for the drive to global integration. So destroy and start over. The EU flunked a boundary test. The boundary issue is critical because the EU must/can’t expand: it is based on a capitalist core zone that can’t integrate at its boundaries because the entities there aren’t ever going to be equal members. Even Turkey seems to be problematical, but the real problem is that adding Turkey to the EU raises again the question of boundaries, a real dilly in this case, Iraq, Syria, etc…(and beyond). Ideally, I would suppose, all the boundary entities could in principle get ready and join the EU all the way to the Solomon Islands…Obviously not: the core concept has reached a kind of falsifying new situation where were are asking for what we already had once, a union of socialist republics, a dreadful failure, but the original idea was perfectly sound.
We need an integration that is not based on failing to integrate the boundary entities that are really colonies or zones of exploitation for a core capitalist system. This is a pretty old solved problem, guys…We have regressed.

So my stance on Brexit was, bring it on, chaos might breed chaos, but it might break out the false integrations and demand a new form of integration. I think England needs a new radical left at this point, and a sense of history: the Industrial Revolution and the invention of capitalism as we know it (and Marx/Engels knew it) began in England: it might be of interest to see England as it exits world history deal with the mysterious karma of getting the whole world in a terminal fix. The integration of the British empire was far worse than the EU, but the core idea is not so different. So a radical new England might lead the way to a postcapitalist era. Getting your head in a washing machine after Brexit is open to complaints from the sedentary, but I welcome it. The sturdy Brits are the prototype of the hobbits, so a cottages and cottage industries in a fragment of Britain could actually be a way to something new. World revolution or bust…

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