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R48G: from theory to praxis…

May 18th, 2017 · No Comments

The question of Kant and Schopenhauer generates immense hostility in many, including marxists. But the Kantian perspective is grounds for a new kind of left. That said, Kant is not more coherent than the standard realist view, he is merely onto something significant and essential that we have missed: there is a flaw in Kant’s system, and a contradiction in Kant was Schopenhauer’s starting point. Our plug here is not therefore a fully viable perspective. Actually, while often propounding a distinction of the noumenal and phenomenal no formal claim is made beyond saying that the problem resembles that situation. But it is a warning that standard theories are going wrong and we get a sense of why that is. Theories are going to chase their own tales round and round like a dog.
The basic flaw in Kant is that he seems to imply the causal is strictly phenomenal and yet seems also to imply that the noumenal causes the phenomenal. Actually I see other ways of resolving that. That problem Schopenhauer claims to solve. You can see the problem in our eonic model: the ‘transitions’ seem to be ‘causal’ and ‘driving history. But that ultimately is never claimed.
We need a Kantian perspective as a suggestion that a teleological system gives the appearance of a phenomenal succession of discontinuities, strange, but not unreasonable.
In the eonic model we only claim what we suspect: that the noumenal aspect to historical/evolutionary development is bound up with teleological issues. We see why evolution is such a hopeless debate…

We are not in a position to conclude anything finally but our suspicions are very cogent. Whatever the solution to Kant’s contradictory stance (corrected perhaps in Schopenhauer) we see a resemblance close enough to be wary of causal theories of history. Our dynamic is thus a bit mysterious the reason for our caution about theories….

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