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R48G: a new universalism?

May 19th, 2017 · No Comments

Zizek proposes a new universalism, something we have already constructed three times over. We can use the model of the ‘eonic effect’ to see that modernity in the final analysis has established a first stage of universalism, without necessarily creating a total uniformity and despite the constructed ‘clash of civilizations’.
This universalism began with a challenge to Catholic occidental universalism, in the Reformation, and then in the broad spectrum of the period of the enlightenment. Modernity has been challenged falsely by postmodern sophistry and the actuality it its huge success all over the world in a convergent process too dependent on capitalism.

We see the dangers of a universalism corrupted by the mediocre junk culture of the americans and can see that more generally secular modernity can go into a nosedive/decline/deterioration. The earliest ‘universalisms’ were enitites like Christianity and Buddhism, failures now, but they indicate a fact about modernity: its contraction into a kind of scientism, ideological economism, hollywood frenzy, etc…
Let’s remember that after Athens came Rome, and rock bottom came with the Roman games in the period generating a ‘soft revolution’ against empire in the christian cult, etc…

That was the new universalism for that era. The same process is underway to reprogram modernity in decline and we should not expect an easy time of it. Who is ready for such a complex task? the marxist? marxism is almost a joke in its contracted vision. It would aspire to the universalization of historical materialism, bad science, and nineteenth century concoctions like dialectical materialism…it’s off the case at once…

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