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R48G: the eonic effect as a ground for a new universalism…

May 19th, 2017 · No Comments

I am sorry to be so hard on Jacobin/Zizek but it is actually a form of self-defense: marxists and academics are a potent mix whose outcome will be a fixed canon and it will end up in liquidation and murder.
Marxists like Zizek must expect his complete works will constitute the basis for a universalism, with Hegelians trying to regain power and followers of Schopenhauer murdered on sight. I kid you not. Look at what happened to marxism with its narrow materialism, economic fundamentalism, banishment of ethics and free agency, etc….

The eonic effect model is fretted by a huge list of potentials: the whole neolithic, Sumero-egyptian civilizations, The whole spectrum of the Axial Age, and its successions, and the full spectrum of the modern transition. That is truly a universal foundation, however dated some of its emergent factors. Marxism is practically an after thought here, as an ism, but a very general framework in its study of class, ideology, and revolution. But marxism as such is completely inadequate as a universal perspective. What will they do? Murder Christians who think historical materialism is an Iron Cage brainwashing device?

That said, the american version of global universalism is almost grotesque in its crudities, a sort of TV remote global Hollywood/junk food religion of the unintelligent american population spectrum, with its rapid degeneration into imperialism. (Before calling americans unintelligent, a pure slap in the face, I should note the total lack of intelligence in the ‘Very Intelligent’ jews of modernity/american with their completely stupid version of reborn Israel. Jews are hemorrhaging IQ points by the decade)…

Marxists at least can conceive of a universalism where the wasteland of capitalist globalization looks like the results of a pack of feral dogs.

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