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The left stuck in the past, and the incompetence of marxists…

May 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

We have been discussing ‘punctuated equilibrium’ here for years, and yet after after all of that we confront Jacobin discussing ideas of a generation ago in a total refusal of dialogue or discussion with any kind of new perspective. I have repeatedly challenged the left to examine its attachment to darwinism. In vain, it seems. Not a single opportunity for discussion or dialogue has arising as the drone mentation of leftist bigwigs goes on and on without letup with the same cliches of more than a century ago. It is dreary and worse it induces dispair in many who simply abandon the left. The same old stale discourse of Gould is the crutch many on the left fall back on when confronted by the challenges to darwinism. Gould allows one to hedge without taking on the real problems. It has gone on too long but I fear the left is too stuck in its ways to do anything new or allow any discussion beyond the ‘celebrity’ dogma popes that must consider the far superior model presented here as that of a peon not worthy of consideration…

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