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R48G: american civilization is in terminal mode? universal and working class: haranguing the ‘working class’; the damage done by asshole Trumpies is incalculable, the left needs a new approach

May 23rd, 2017 · No Comments



We have written this post many times but we can challenge the ‘Resistance’ to something more than simple protest. What does that mean? The system as is is sliding into a state of calcified authoritarianism encased in a particularly wretched version of neoliberal capitalism. It is not going to go away in any simple fashion without confronting it head on. Our various platforms are designed however to be workable for those who insist on an evolutionary path. But the fate of a planet is on the table.

We have often spoken of the universal class instead of the working class. Once done, we can turn around and create a focus inside the universal class on the working class. We can also produce an innovation, haranguing the various phony ‘working classes’ that are masquerading as what they are not and too often sucking up the energy of leftists armed with nineteenth century fantasies of the proletariat.
There is a simple solution: a de facto proletarian economic platform that be definition founds a new economics of equality. This can even bypass the often futile effort to appeal to the working class. Assuming the followers of Trump were ‘working class’ one would say that they are a bunch of idiots, granting their anger at such as Clinton. But the damage done by Trump followers (I would actually deny they are working class). Given what has happened we need a new kind of leftist class focus and analysis, always mindful our superset analysis must be able to carry the old (e.g. our universal class is a superb platform for working class subsector movement).

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