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AI and the eonic effect…AI in nature?

May 24th, 2017 · No Comments

In terms of the previous post I would reiterate the dangers of design arguments and the somewhat overdone emphasis on ‘systems analysis’ which made the subject boring but neutral. The appearance of strong AI is a reminder to me that that perspective was the right one: the sudden and rapid advance in Artificial Intelligence (note that the term itself is cast in design language) suggests at once the kind of answer my initial analysis was holding out for. Writing Greek tragedies is not easy but I would venture that AI could be developed to analyze the question, with whatever result so far.
The point is that AI is probably far too primitive at this point but that it points to something different but related that relieve the eonic model from standard design arguments.

We should note that as with Enigma of the Axial Age, a slightly more elaborated version of WHEE there is a clear distinction of what is possible in the eonic sequence and the possible action of larger entities with will in nature (e.g. like the Kantian demiurge) in the wake of the transitions. This distinction makes the question tricky yet clarifies something lost on theistic historicism. We have no knowledge of such things but we can indirectly point to the failure of purely mechanical explanations…

The point: could AI discriminate between tragedies and non-tragedies? Probably not, as yet, but…Let us note that the ancient greeks weren’t as such fully clear on the question themselves…

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