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R48G: a terrible verdict

May 24th, 2017 · No Comments

It is very borderline in conventional activism to keep harping on a revolutionary theme so let us retreat slightly without forgetting what we are dealing with:

the american system is out of control and is jeopardizing planetary civilization. And its increasingly corrupt state is not something we can simply repair with a few reforms. Here are some of the issues that take the question across the boundary of the normal into the realm of insanity:

capitalist depradation and the neoliberal era
globalization as capitalist rapacity
the coup d’etat of covert agencies from the era of Truman
the emergence of a deep state (by several definitions)
the JFK assassination question
the emergence of the national security state and its persistence beyond the cold war
the conspiracy of 9/11 and its still unsolved relation to the deep state
the onset of imperialism and capitalist war industries: fomented wars
drug trade penetration of government and covert agencies, a true mafia
There is more but this is a pretty staggering list.
the corruption of politics and the loss of democratic instruments…

The world is suffering from this horrific degeneration of the American system…

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