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R48G: democracy for the first time, the US and capitalist insanity…

May 24th, 2017 · No Comments


Although the resistance of capitalist powers could at first derail the open society aspects of a socialist initiative the reality must be the progression to ‘real democracy’ in the emergence of a postcapitalist world system. That system can still have markets but the current insane system of total chaos created by free markets is at best a phase. We need however to forestall the loathing of liberalism on many fronts of the left and be wary of another opportunity squandered on a stalinist inevitability. Lost in the discussion is the fact that the issue of socialism has been made too confusing and complicated by the standard marxist analysis. We need a (revolutionary/evolutionary) process to contain capital, create a Commons, ensure rights and liberties in system with strong economic rights and clear regulation of economic and ecological. It is a fairly straightforward process obscured by the stalinist coup that seized control of bolshevism and effectively terminated the experiment with a form of caudillo despotism. We need to face the obvious: the issue of a communist system needs to bring liberalism to communism, and communism to liberalism, and that in principle is not as difficult as we might think if only we can remain clear about what we are doing. In a way the russian example was unfortunate because capitalist development was absent and democracy untried. We need to consider the whole question anew in a system with developed capitalism and a legacy of ‘democracy’ in quotation marks. Over and over marxists muddle the issue.

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