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Tragedy and the daffodil effect

May 24th, 2017 · No Comments


We have been so confused by the Old Testament and biblical historicism generally that a monopoly of muddle has taken over to the point noone in his right mind would consider a design argument in history.
But the eonic effect shows a most subtle yet spectacular design that can’t be analyzed properly with theistic arguments although it is conceivable ‘a will to design’ (whatever that means) exists within the realm of nature. Clearly that doesn’t mean what a theist would think. (cf. our remarks about will from last week in terms of Samkhya). We don’t have the conceptual tools to analyze these questions.
But science isn’t much better, so far.
The problem with conventional historical thinking in terms of science is that the eonic analysis shows a macro process adept at manipulating aesthetic subjects (as the examples of tragedy make clear) but this is done so deftly it looks to man as if he is doing everything.

I think the left should inherit this analysis and use if for a compassionate but stern debriefing of the pop theism of Christianity (and Islam) but without reducing history to crude substitutes like historical materialism which simply drives people away…The left need not abandon its Feuerbachian perspective save only that once its point is made one can dialectically move toward the consideration of the elusive character of cosmic design.

Anyway there is a curious fixation on the tragic genre in the eonic sequence and its elusive character makes it hard for man to quite grasp what it is about. It is interesting that the sudden reappearance of the tragic genre in the early modern followed by still another rapid decline and dissipation has been pegged as the ‘end of tragedy’. But we saw the end of tragedy in antiquity, but sure enough at the high intensity moment of the early modern it reappears like daffodils…

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