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Are the Bolivaristas really socialists? pack the bourgeoisie off to Miami //Venezuela: constituent assembly elections and the reactionary offensive for ”regime change” | Venezuela | Solidarity

May 25th, 2017 · No Comments

It is hard to really understand what is going on in Venezuela but I am getting the impression that the problem with the Bolivaristas is that they aren’t really socialists. For better or worse the Cubans consolidated their revolution within a matter of months while in Venezuela we see a kind of stalled process that isn’t revolutionary at all and which is balking at the key step of socialist consolidation.
Confusion over democracy, of course, is part of the problem. We have suggested a middle ground formulation, which isn’t a compromise: our democratic market neo-communism. This is a robust hybrid that can pass as real communism (or else in a variant, a transitional state control of large industries on their way to a Commons, this variant could vitiate the real value of DMNC, but…), not get in a muddle over capitalism versus markets, with market, planned, and autonomous lower level that can forestall the attempt at total control.
The bourgeoisie is going to produce nothing but Uncle Sam colonialism, CIA dark ops and neoliberal destruction of all social gains. At that point a revolutionary process is surely called for, with an essential commitment to moving to a socialist democracy, which Cuba wasn’t quite. As much as I detest the term ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ the point is clear that everyone fumbles the ball at the crucial point: you aren’t really guilty of non-democracy in an interval of transition to a new constitutional framework. The obvious trap so evident in bolshevism is that democracy was soon forgotten. In our formulation democracy and control are hybrid in a new kind of neo-communism which doesn’t become obsessed with eliminating all forms of the market, the issue of ownership shifting to the Commons being of course crucial.
And our formulation allows ‘socialism in one country’, more or less, an issue on which the older left was at once clear and confused at the same time. Clearly capital is global, but a local socialism of our type can evade this contradiction.
The bourgeoisie can go live in Miami.

It is necessary to critically analyse the government tactics, and to be perfectly honest, these are wrong.

The convening of the Constituent Assembly only made sense if it served to solve the two central problems that undermine support for the Bolivarian revolution and thus allowed it to increase its base of support. On the one hand, the problem of the economic crisis; but the constituent is summoned with the idea of ??debating a “post-oil economy” in which private property of the means of production will be respected and appeals are made, again, to private capitalists to invest. This is a failed strategy which will bear no fruits. On the other hand the problem of bureaucracy and corruption within the Bolivarian movement; but the election system for the Constituent Assembly makes it very difficult to elect candidates who really represent the revolutionary rank and file. The Assembly is elected in two parts, one which is territorial where one constituent is elected in each municipality regardless of population size. In the other, which is sectoral (workers, peasants, students, the disabled, pensioners, indigenous people and employers), deputies are elected on the basis of national lists with a high entry requirement for candidates to stand. Our position remains firm: we are staunchly opposed to the insurrectional offensive of reaction and imperialism. If they reach their goal, overthrow the government of Maduro and take power, they will apply a policy of brutal austerity attacks against the working people, as well as a savage persecution against the militants and activists of the revolution and their organizations, and will suppress democratic freedoms. We will fight with all our might to prevent that from happening. At the same time it is our duty to point out that we are opposed to the government’s policy, which in the economic field consists in making concessions to the capitalists and in the political field does not change the bureaucratic ways of operating that stifle and restrain the revolutionary initiative of the people, who are the only guarantee for the defense of the revolution. These policies lead to defeat. The revolutionary movement must be prepared, by increasing its own organization, its political clarity on the current situation and what is required, and also by creating its own means of self-defense in factories, workplaces and neighborhoods. Only the people save the people. Down with the offensive of reaction and imperialism. Defend the revolution by revolutionary means.

Source: Venezuela: constituent assembly elections and the reactionary offensive for ”regime change” | Venezuela | Solidarity

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