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Bolshevism and the jewish question//eBOOK: Russia’s Agony – An Eyewitness Account of the Russian Revolution – ZIONIST REPORT

May 28th, 2017 · No Comments

I cautioned against this book even as I cited it, and hadn’t noticed its observations on jews in the Russian revolution (material that made its way into David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism). In a funny way, despite my comments on the jewish question today my reaction is ‘so what?’. These facts deserve to be exposed but the picture here is murky. These jews were part of the international and assimilated, end of story. The ex-jews did not create stalinism, whatever the case with the Red Terror. I need hardly remind leftists to be wary of this book.

The London Times’ correspondent in Russia provided the first Western eyewitness account of the monumental events that resulted in the creation of the Soviet Union.

Wilton provides a full historical background and the disastrous course of WWI for Russia, which set the scene for the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks. He then details the Red Terror’s full enormity, and ends with the optimistic—and incorrect—hope that Bolshevism and Communism would be short-lived. Although Wilton’s credentials were impeccable and his status unchallenged, this book was blacklisted because he dared to report openly on the overwhelming number of Jews amongst the Communist revolutionaries. He wrote: “Bolshevism is not Russian—it is essentially non-national; its leaders belong almost entirely to the race that lost its country and its nationhood long ago. In April 1918, the Bolshevist “Government,” including 384 “Peoples’ Commissaries,” was represented by 2 negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and Georgians, and more than 300 Jews. Of the last, 264 had come to Russia from the United States during the ‘Revolution.’ “I reported from Riga on the pernicious influence of Jewish Extremists. But this appeal to moderation was willfully distorted by the Jewish Press. Facts cited by me on the best authority were “proved” to be non-existent, and a campaign of slander and intimidation followed. Now, I was threatened with nothing less than murder.” “Afterwards their numbers increased largely, and although they studiously concealed their identity under assumed Russian or Polish names, it became known that the principal ones were: Nahamkez-Steklov, Apfelbaum-Zinoviev, Rosenfeldt-Kamenev, Goldmann-Gorev, Goldberg-Mekowski, Zederbaum-Martov, Himmer-Sukhanov, Krachman-Zagorski, Hollander-Mieshkowski, Lourier-Larin, Seffer-Bogdanov. Among the leaders of this gang—under Lenin—were: Trotsky, whose real name was Bronstein, and Feldmann, alias Chernov.”

Source: eBOOK: Russia’s Agony – An Eyewitness Account of the Russian Revolution – ZIONIST REPORT

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