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R48G: the eonic model for failed historical materialism…

May 28th, 2017 · No Comments


People have trouble with the eonic model: it is evidently hard to understand, and readers simply don’t have the data in mind to visualize what it being depicted. And biblical propaganda is so heavily defended that clarification is rendered almost impossible. The last straw for many is the issue of darwinism where indoctrination reigns. And conventional scholars have conspired to undermine the evidence of the Axial Age. The works of Bellah here are dreadful distortions.
It is NOT justified to take the Old Testament myths on ‘faith’.

In reality, in a minimalist approach, the eonic effect is transparent, asks no belief, and demands no conversion to a theory, although it is necessary to try and interpret the striking non-random pattern. It shows that there is strange developmental process behind world history….

This approach can help to restart a new left with a neutral yet robust model of history…

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