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R48G: The tragedy of judeo-xtianity: time to dismantle both religions…jewish smarts overrated, the monumental fuck up of Israel..jewish membership definition should be declared illegal?

May 28th, 2017 · No Comments

The judaic legacy now in control in Israel and the US is a world historical tragedy based on a set of biblical myths that are mostly fabrications. Our model of the eonic effect shows what was really going.

Jews don’t deserve this foundation of credulous xtians to feed a grotesque train of monotheism. And the further tragedy is that judaism doesn’t really secularize: jewish supremacism can function just as well with ‘sucular’ jewish culture: the point is lost that the ‘secular’ means complete secularization means complete assimilation, a ridiculous proposition it would seem. But the sheer grotesquenss of Israel is hard to stomach. The idea of a jewish homeland was a complete fabrication from the start and xtians are in part responsible.
The whole legacy of jews and christians is so ugly that it is hard to see any resolution save to exit both religions, creating a new hybrid population ..
The membership definition of who is a jew is one of the most destructive phony religious legacies in world history and should be abolished…

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