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R48G: from minimalist to maximalist interpretation

May 29th, 2017 · No Comments


People are unable to use the eonic model and find no support in conventional historiography which is crippled by variants of scientism. We have thus advocated a kind of minimalist approach which can be effective in demonstrating a hidden dynamic of some kind.

But with a little study a more elaborated version begins to become clear to most readers from the data and the result, while still beset with some problems, shows unmistakably a complex structure of tremendous complexity and nearly unfathomable detail. The amount of system generated innovation in world history is almost unnerving and it is important to consider the point because world civilization is moving past the eonic phasing and thus left to its own devices, with potentially disastrous results. And the eonic model can still be a crude approximation and demonstrate very clearly this mysterious process at work. Every step in the examination is straightforward and the result is dumbfounding.
It would help if some academic support could emerge with a course in the basic material. Is that too much to hope for? But in a sphere dominated by darwinism that is unlikely. Keep in mind the value and limits of academic control of history. You have no option but to proceed in a kind of pleasant ‘guerilla mode’ to examine the very clear evidence of a developmental directionality.

I recommend the left consider this new approach to history. Marx thought he was brilliant but his models are hopelessly inadequate and suffer from the positivistic framework of the onset of reductionist scientism.

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