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R48G: Rev/Ev (revolution/evolution) and a new kind of left: the universal class focus beyond the working class…

May 30th, 2017 · No Comments

We are at such a crisis that we need to break out of the sterility and failures of the old (marxist strain) lefts with a new focus, framework and membership. The planetary crisis shows us one of the major aspects of this. The cliches of the marxist and the working class are out of date and we need to change the range of vision to a wider set of classes. I invite anyone either in or championing the ‘working class’ to protest this and bring a working class faction to our universal class (you will find we have beat you to it with a robust economic populism). But at this point we are being distracted by the narrow range of working class interests from seeing the need for a larger perspective and a more comprehensive set of classes.
Let’s face it: dealing with climate change is now more important than fueling the growth economies that have served for a moderate amount of advance for working classes, in the plural: there are many such.

We need to reconfigure the whole question of social economy and politics. This could be treacherous: the proletarian revolution emerged in the wake of the liberal revolutions betrayed by the bourgeoisie. But we have reached a new situation now. But the universal class is a more workable approach nonetheless, and a conceptual trick that posits universal equality at the start. Noone seems to have realized that the working class theme promoted inequality! And the fact remains that the working class is really everyone not in the bourgeoisie, a not very satisfactory approach but in fact better than the working class restriction: it includes a whole set of subsets of a larger population whose status must be considered. The divisions promoted against the lumpenproletariat, the petty bourgeoisie, even peasants, always showed up the limits of the old formulation.

We simply exit from all these confusions with a formulation as to the universal class that just might do much better with the working class and in the process unify thinking around the creation of a new consolidated population treated equally at all levels. We can just as well turn around and give a leadership position to members of the working class but in the context of working beyond class interests!

Our Rev/Ev dual is a reminder we work with a concept of virtual revolution as we figure through the dilemma of the re-foundation of the whole system of corrupted liberalism.


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