History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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How about a leftist take on design/evolution?//From Brazil, a Debate on Intelligent Design  …

June 1st, 2017 · No Comments

The question of design has produced a kind of shell shock among biologists who have doubled down on darwinian fundamentalism condemning themselves to a form of hallucination over natural selection.

It would make more sense to simply acknowledge the factor of design, or design illusion beyond selectionist scientism. The challenge is not to acknowledge intelligent agents in nature (but with evidence, anyone is free to do so) but to find a mathematical/scientific account of the emergence of biological machines and teleological action, very difficult tasks. It might be of interest to see a leftist critique of darwinism with its crypto-ideological (social darwinist) impacts. The point is that ‘intelligent design’ all too obviously becomes an indirect theological injection of theistic assumptions however well disguised by the (admittedly often cogent) challenges of (rightist) orgs like the Discovery Institute…
Secularists simply freeze in place confronting design, but the issue is not actually complicated: design is real, probably better discussed by ‘atheists’ than theists, and a field that is ‘simple’: it’s too complicated to prove much of anything…

Source: From Brazil, a Debate on Intelligent Design with Professor Marcos Eberlin | Evolution News

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