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R48G: the nationalistic factor…nationalization of industry/capital as a version of the Commons?

June 4th, 2017 · No Comments


Yesterday we navigated our DMNC through a kind of social democratic version based on nationalization of industries instead of true expropriation into a Commons. There are many problems here but historically this approach can lead via an evolutionary kind of path to some form of realization without the implications of a revolutionary transformation. But the result would likely fail disastrously as the implications of the national security state, the hidden aspects of the covert agencies, and the general corruption of the military/industrial complex abort any serious effort at reform.
A first question here is the danger of a nationalistic interpretation of a postcapitalistic resolution: will this backfire without the larger sphere of an ‘international’? The point is that while a revolutionary transformation, both in thought and in action, enforces the discipline of a comprehensive refoundation, its realization within the system, here the US, is likely to abort as a practical task subject to an immense, elusive and dangerous mafia, the ‘deep state’.
Nonetheless, it is possible conceive of a version of our DMNC as a variant of something like the English Labor Party after WWII. But this would require a far more comprehensive version beyond the cliches of socialism that end up in a set of compromised idiocies.
But at a time of approaching catastrophe on the climate front the multitasking of evolutionary/revolutionary aspects must proceed in tandem.

This reduced version could be conceived to

form a radical/evolutionary third party and/or a take over of the democratic party
set up a platform of nationalization of industries in the context of a new economics that can actually work
our dual aspect of planned and market sectors would proceed in this context
a new set of legal/ecological constraints and regulations would be enacted legally
the ‘socialism in one country’ aspect would aggressively enable an international aspect beyond exploitation…the trade element…

this approach cannot be based on sentimental political cliches about the national state: the US system is a criminal enterprise of deep state, military industrial complex, covert drug rackets, and militarist capitalism with an imperial aspect. In addition there is the factor of Israel.

It is hard to see how any reform is possible in the context of this system. The current left can’t even debrief the 9/11 situation, suggesting that the deep state would make short work of any attempt to reform the system. But this parallel consideration is nonetheless essential…

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