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June 5th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: floating fourth turning points and ‘universalism’…and two questions for left universalists…
May 19th, 2017 ·


We have already produced a platform for a new ‘universalism’ in our idea of ‘floating fourth turning points”: the idea is based on the idea of ‘transitions’ in the eonic model: how can man replicate as free agency the induced factor of ‘macro transitions’, an inconceivably difficult task. But the alternative is decline. The axial era religions were attempts along these lines but their limits are all too evident now. The ‘god’ factor isn’t really effective anymore: its application was a universal cosmic/political/spiritual, the kingdom of god, etc. It didn’t quite work, and is too primitive now.

A suitable replication of the modern transition would be a ‘floating fourth turning point’ which is a generalization of the idea of revolution as a global movement of, we might well hope, postcapitalist communism, or our DMNC with a set of hybrids, and a universal cultural matrix of potential in dialectical/triadic frettings etc…

The difficulty here can be seen by asking two (and then more) questions: will the new universalism adopt darwinism as the universal theory of evolution? and, will the new universalism impose science, thence banish beliefs in soul, or will it be based on religious beliefs in soul…

that’s checkmate in two questions, we can predict…

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