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R48G: we take it all back… the idea of (virtual) revolution….

June 7th, 2017 · No Comments

Our post yesterday scotching actual ‘revolution’ was not really to the point: we have consistently suggested ‘revolutionary options’ here, and equally the idea of ‘virtual revolution’, with a deliberate contradiction. The point is to be able to suggest an evolutionary version of our thinking and to consider the dangers of the idea of ‘real revolution’:
it is important to be wary here, not the least because so-called leftists will not support you. The idea of virtual revolution allows one to proceed with a careful preliminary study and research project in neutral gear, next to helpful suggestions for an evolutionary/electoral strategy…don’t jump the gun. You could end up in jail with no friends at visiting hours…
Our idea is that at a time of such crisis, we have almost a duty to at least consider the reality of revolutionary action, moving away from the older and now defunct legacies…Note the confusion created by the Black Block.
In the final analysis, we must point to Sanders’ idea of ‘Our Revolution’. Whatever he thinks, he is the one we should point to here. Words mean what they say and that’s that.
The idea of virtual revolution is simply legal free speech…
Note that the French and Russian revolutions began spontaneously…
We have proceeded in a dialectical fashion because it is essential to revamp the whole left and to consider the meaning and context of the classic marxist canon. The whole game is out of sorts, and it is sad but true that no real initiatives are in motion in this regard…
Here’s the post from yesterday, as a sort of archive…

R48G: advised to cool it on feds/nabbable ‘revolution’ promo…but all our references were to ‘virtual revolution’ and/or ‘Our Revolution’…Bernie would go down with me…
June 6th, 2017 ·
We have seriously discussed ‘revolution’ here but we can as well claim that all or our discussions are about ‘virtual’ revolution and/or with the status of Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’.
I say this not so much for my own sake as for readers here who might be influenced unthinkingly on the subject. Discussions of ‘virtual revolution’ can sound like revolutionary sloganeering but their neutrality is enforced by the reality of an overwhelming power makes the idea theoretical. Note the point.
But the current insanity of the American government, its entanglement in criminality, and the onset of climate chaos leave the whole question ambiguous. So we simply cast ‘revolution’ as virtual throughout. It is also a good discipline: most revolutionary discussions are mostly confused. Our aim is thus to move beyond that confusion…

The purpose of our discussions is really to consider the limits of social democratic superficiality and to consider as a virtual gedanken experiment the need for a comprehensive social transformation.

That can certainly be taken in many ways including the path of electoral evolution consisting of

creating a new left political party
and/or the route of constitutional amendation
gaining an electoral sweep
realizing a platform analogous to that in our DMNC
viz. nationalization of industries
bringing a sector of planning to a market sector of nationalized industries
reforming entirely the electoral system
instituting an ecological system of oversight

Realized or not at whatever level the discussion of ‘revolution’ simply refers to ‘social transformation’ in general. It is completely legal free speech therefore in the fashion presented here, and all references to revolution can be taken to mean ‘virtual revolution’. It is possible the current regime could attack legal free speech.

And this is important if we consider the fate, which we protest, of the black bloc subjected after the Washington March to draconian new felony riot charges. We have explicitly repudiated their tactics.
Revolutions in the classic sense have in many cases been spontaneous affairs. The value of our discussions ‘in theory’ is to have a platform ready and more generally to challenge the legacy of marxism (without rejecting it entirely).

Our model, we should note, is cousin to the American Revolution, where the founders themselves prophesied potential updates, and where the process was in fact an antiimperialist/proto-democratic revolt against an empire.

Any real ‘revolution’ would be an international in some sense. We have also considered ‘socialism in one country’ as an potential….

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