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from religion to eonic historicism ??//Be a Danger to Yourself and Others: Become Religious!

June 9th, 2017 · No Comments

The remarkable point in this essay has been made many times but the reality is that ‘religion’ as an Axial Age phenomenon is passing away and can’t be replaced with crypto-Jungian sophistries.

From the perspective of the ‘eonic effect’ we can reinvent religion five times before breakfast but probably should refrain from doing so!
Instead simple examination of history via the eonic model can produce a unified vision of all social categories like cards in a deck and easily reinvent a new category beyond ‘religion’ based in the so-called ‘secularism’ of the modern epoch. Modern science has not yet matured and can’t really produce a full anthropology of man as a set of jury-rigged hybrids rise and founder in skeptical transience, New Age ghost formations, and ruminations about the sacred, the new mumbojumbo. There is in fact a path through this no more complex than simple study: modernity needs to unravel the history of religion and that is a genuine secular project that can sort out the tremendous confusions buddhism, hinduism, christianity, islam, etc… In this context we have discussed the ‘virtual church of the holy brick’ (in Last and First Men), a way to consider ‘religions wholesale’. In the case of christianity we have a nearly hopeless jungle of hybrids from indic samkhya, holy ghosts to egyptian gnosticism complete with the ‘mummy walks 2.0’. In this context an immense explosion of occult ‘superstition’ is flooding the religious vacuum matched with the equal superstition the occult is all illusion. Kant’s ‘vision of a ghostseer’ reigns here over a species of anarchic wastelands in the plural.
It is all almost but not completely hopeless. And the theme of ‘salvation’ will resurrect in a new secular form, perhaps…Many may well wish for the discipline of religion in a era of recurrence of occult depravity. Do you really want to replace christianity’s magic circle with aleister crowley? Your move, next case, you must blame yourself if you end up a ‘poor devil’.

Source: Be a Danger to Yourself and Others: Become Religious!

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