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R48G: an exit from theoretical confusions, freeing marxists from Marx

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R48G: an exit from theoretical confusions, freeing marxists from Marx
May 22nd, 2017 ·


We have suggested a set of very simple steps to get past the fallacies clogging the left: drop theories and deal with historical chronicles and empirical histories, with strategic praxis based on those.
The model of the eonic effect allows this approach but is probably too complex/exotic for initial use but it shows the discipline of applying a model to history based on data, and not causal theories. An ultra simple version can be useful, but whatever the case it is important to free marxists from Marx whose overall formulation is dubious at best. This model effectively demonstrates the ‘punk eq’ effect in world history but does not use that term which will cause misunderstanding in the high probability of its misapplication.

Our manifestos suggest another approach: instead of the progression of epochs from feudalism to capitalism to communism consider one stream of history with its subsectors of technological and eocnomic history. The overall system is far broader and collates multiple aspects of culture beyond the economic. Class relations can be analyzed with relative easy in this approach, but they are empirical set of historical givens, not abstractions following laws of history.

A practical aim is the progression beyond capitalism, or to some system that mediates that economic state. We have suggest various versions of a ‘democratic market neo-communism’. Whatever the ase the situation demands the action of free agents, not waiting around for history to fulfill itself by some law or crypto-teleological process. There could be such processes but in the end they must allow our free agency and it is our free agency based on evaluating our present that enjoins us to either evolution or revolution beyond the current state of affairs.

This is very different from applying a theory to history and acting in the expectation of realizing its predictions. Our situation is rather that capitalism overall has created a crisis to which we must respond as free agents.
To reiterate:

we analyze an historical situation
we see the crisis of capitalism
we apply as praxis a realizable finite step plan as free agents
this plan has a defined constitutional structure that is a recipe, not a theory applied to history
we don’t have to compute a law of history
instead we are relative free agents in a system that operates on its own dynamism but which is open to free agency
our prescription in particular, not dogma, is a hybrid of markets, planning, socialism/communism, a Commons, and an anarchist sector or relative autonomy, etc…
the point here is that ‘stages of production’ theory implies a very large system is going to act according to theory. But it is not likely it will.
Instead we do what the American rebs did: a revolutionary process, and a constructivist constitutional phase.
there is no reason why the same can’t be applied to a communist framework.
we won’t be analyzing marxist theories ad infinitum unable to get them straight…

Optionally we can apply the eonic model (it may be inadvisable save in a super simple version):

world history shows a clear structure of successive eras or epochs
the latest is just getting underway
these epochs being with transitions of high speed innovation
we exit these transitions with a new framework, e.g. modernity…
the modern epoch ignites in a subsection of Europe, but has no intrinsic connection to Europe
it starts to globalize very quickly
this epoch becomes entangled with capitalism but generates its own response in potential
this model merely restates our perceptions of history taken as questions, why do we speak of modernity, of middle ages, of the Axial Age, etc…
we observe this system looking backwards unsure of how it works but with a sense of how to proceed (realize modernity, …etc…)
We don’t need a theory to proceed…
our sketch is so lightweight as to be close to obvious…
it looks like modernity replaces feudalism with capitalism, but our progression of epochs shows a larger picture
there is no absolute requirement of capitalism: it could have been modified from the start with a socialist version, etc…
this system shows a strong trend toward democracy: we need to bring socialism to the refinement of that incomplete democracy…
stages of production theory makes a strong contrast of capitalism yielding to communism but we can propose any number of hybrids

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