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beyond monotheistic universalism? //Is Islam incompatible with modernity?

June 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Without endorsing this article as such it raises some interesting questions. Our discussion of a new universalism is going to founder in collision with monotheism, already vexed by the limits of marxism and its positivistic fundamentalism. We have consistently critiqued christianity from a perspective different from that of most secular humanists and then have claimed the need of the same for islam, with a resolve to evade islamophobia. The challenge to islam finally is not the question of secularism as such, but a critique of its spiritual foundations. The metaphysical extravagance of christianity puts ammunition in the hands of its critics. But a close look shows the same is true of islam. We don’t have to invoke the need for a ‘reformation’ to see that the mindset of global citizens generally is on the move which is not the same as the pressganged motions of dogmatic secular humanists and atheists: christianity and islam are in many ways both botched religions …We must claim only the right to critique, if only as external observers: the task of ‘debriefing’ must be done by moslems themselves: they must also have that right. Once granted that right will lead to the swift, in the frame of centuries, demolition of the religion…

Source: Is Islam incompatible with modernity?

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