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R48G: the eonic effect, beyond historical materialism, and a path to ‘universalism’…beyond theory, the eonic effect as a warning…

June 14th, 2017 · No Comments

We need to issue a warning to marxists that, despite the great cogency of their corpus, a new left cannot replicate the classic canon without a thorough upgrade.

We can move back to our search for a simpler version of the eonic effect in the quest to repair marxist historicism. We have already done that in a way: the model is really an outline of history. We are strangely prevented from producing a theory: the model points to the need for more evidence. But we can take it as a warning, or warnings:

first, the model warns us not to assume world history has no teleology
next, economics and technology are not the fundamental drivers of history: mysterious discontinuities, evident empirically, show a creative aspect that is more fundamental: consider the case of Archaic Greece leading to the Classic period…
further, the issue is not civilizations or religions, but those areas of innovation or transition: there lies the path to a new universalism…

next, democracy has a hidden ‘driver’ effect…we suspect. That warns the revolutionary to be wary: the outcome must increase social freedom and respect individuals. Also, the system effect reverts to free agency and may lead to revolutionary muddle, as bolshevism makes clear…
there is more, but that is enough to start…
A new descriptive marxism could easily adapt itself to this approach. Let us note that our model is equally open to liberal interpretations, fair is fair, but warns conservatives that history is on the move.

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