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Last and First Men: a free text with a real platform, sans the coopted baloney of Sanders/Klein

June 15th, 2017 · No Comments


While Sanders and Klein do their celebrity hooha and make a bundle, the real work on the left has to be done as a public. I spent a two years living on foodstamps writing this book, and offered it free of charge (you can buy a copy at Amazon if you want). It may be too radical but I think not. It will never get the publicity these celebrities get as their books make a lot of money for capitalist publishers. The point here is that authors who work through big publishers will always get it wrong or just do celebrity stage shows.
Sanders was a clever con: ‘our revolution’ sinking any real revolutionary option with a play on words, etc… we have a year of posts on that (put ‘our revolution’ into the search box here)…

Klein’s No Logo interpretation is not without interest but it probably misses the point. Check out the two star review at Amazon. I haven’t read the book, and won’t un

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