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R48G: what if non-violence isn’t the answer?

June 15th, 2017 · No Comments

We make the same criticism of Klein here as that of Sanders already today.
In general the issue of non-violence has confused the left and become an obstacle to real activism. It is also true that it is a classic

tactic and a legacy of such as MLK. But the question of its real status won’t go away. The history of the left over the past five centuries shows that democratic gains were the result of revolutionary and violent action. So we cannot dogmatically restrict activism to gandhian memes. Gandhi was a very confused thinker, let us note, and his stance on the classic Gita is one of the most ridiculous bits in the history of radical movements. The Gita (cf. Narla’s The Truth about the Gita) was a book about using violence and its status in gandhi’s mind as a text for non-violence is a parody of grotestqueness. The book advocates the violent imposition of caste and indirectly the destruction of buddhists. Gandhi’s thinking is thus not foundational in any way. The whole question of non-violence should be refounded by its proponents, who must confront the reality of, say, the Civil War.
In practice, non-violent is the only option for many activist groups and it is not the intent here as such to propose any kind of violence. But the phony gandhian theme is neutralizing the left and making all efforts into futility. We face a crisis of immense proportions and the right tactics are a question mark indeed.
Let me note at once that the issue of violent tactics requires a kind of military approach, as with the american civil war, and that it should be subject to a careful discipline. Crazies like the recent shooter need to be stopped. That may be a hopeless prospect at this point, and I propose nothing. But these questions require a discipline with generals and sargeants, please, no lone shooters freelancing…

“This is a nonviolent movement and committed to being so.”

Source: Naomi Klein: Any Efforts to Equate Hateful Violence with Trump Resistance ‘Are Lies’ | Common Dreams

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