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archive: upgrading marxism…

June 20th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: no second chances for marxist derivatives?
June 15th, 2017 ·

We have been attempting to rapidly create a new canon that is postmarxist without completely rejecting the earlier legacy. I think that much of the left is stuck in the past and chanting stale mantras. It is a situation easily corrected, but only if… etc,… We don’t need ponderous theories at this point. Marx’s work has backfired and the result has to be made into an epic poem or something as we move on. It is inspiring as a generality but confounding in its specifics. Most of the core of marxism works fine as a set of empirical observations about class, ideology, and theory used a legitimation. Marx should have realized from his critique of Ricardo et al that theory and ideology might come to haunt marxist theories.

With the eonic effect we have a system that is meta-ideological, more or less, because it shows how history generates ideologies, religions, etc…A lightweight version of the eonic model can serve as rough guide to something more efficient than ponderous economic fundamentalism…

from yesterday:

R48G: the eonic effect, beyond historical materialism, and a path to ‘universalism’…beyond theory, the eonic effect as a warning…

you can stand back from eonic model, but it enforces examination of the whole of world history //3.5 A New Model of History: Eonic Evolution

beyond monotheistic universalism? //Is Islam incompatible with modernity?

archive: the eonic effect as a ground for a new universalism

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