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productive forces key to historical development?//Why we are Marxists | Dialectical Materialism | History & Theory

June 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

We will cite this essay for a third time today, noting that after our critiques the end of the essay begins to travel in more tractable areas of empirical history.

Even so the ‘theory’ obtrudes: for example it is not true that productive forces are the key all social development. Our historical studies have shown the far greater complexity of historical emergence. Productive forces are secondary, but can become dominating and create the kind of regime of capitalism that we see now, something Marx/Engels clearly exposed.
The issue of the ‘end of history’ is not that ‘history has ended’ but that in the wake of Hegel an idea of the ‘dynamic of freedom’ suggested that ‘democratic revolution’ had mysterious momentum contradicting the anti-liberalism of the bolshevik ‘left’. Fair enough, but the catch for Fukuyama (as pointed ad nauseam by socialists for over a century) was that capitalism and democracy ended up eliminating democracy and that a ‘steady state’ might be achieved in a communist version of ‘real democracy’. Our various manifestos are specific here and can stand as a better resolution to the end of history confusion.

We can therefore answer Mr. Fukuyama as follows: history has not ended. In fact, it has hardly begun. When future generations look back at our present “civilisation”, they will have approximately the same attitude that we adopt towards cannibalism. The prior condition for attaining a higher level of human development is the ending of capitalist anarchy and the establishment of a rational and democratic plan of production in which men and women can take their lives and destinies into their own hands.

Source: Why we are Marxists | Dialectical Materialism | History & Theory

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