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The right long ago did an endrun around dialectical materialism

June 23rd, 2017 · No Comments


One of the strangest oddities of history is the strange resemblance of dialectical materialism and classic Samkhya.

This connection emerged in the work of J.G.Bennett (who never discussed the primitive and useless diamat) who was influenced by various sufi sources taking material from still earlier possibly christian sources influenced in turn by the Indic tradition. The same junk thinking with traces of profoundity is like historical flotsam drifting down the cultural Nile. We see the Samkhya signature is the really lurid version of the Trinity that clearly appears from India transformed into a unique brand of theological garbage. Perhaps the christian legacy drove sufis to try and expropriate the subject and rescue it from disaster. That makes sense, after a certain amount of ‘oulala’ sufi mystic garbage the impulse behind Samkhya might well appear as an exit strategy. That makes sense but the history of Islamic/sufi thought is quite obscure in this regard.

All in all Bennett’s model is probably subject to its own crash and burn but it at least shows the scale of attempts to create a system beyond the dialectic using triadic, quaternary, etc…systems…A look at this material, involving a thorough knowledge of modern physics, and a host of other subjects, leaves the whole legacy of Samkhya in the dust in the sense of the puzzling and decayed version still extant in the Indic tradition (the meme of sattwas, rajas, tamas is a silly remnant of whatever the source of Samkhya was millennia ago). For an historical first the subject got someone really smart and if I were a marxist I would fold my cards at once on ‘dialectical materialism’, more flotsam of Samkhya.

I hold no particular brief for Bennett and am in fact enjoined to help new age seekers find a way past the mesmerizing thousands of pages of reconstructive thought. But overall his work shows us something potentially of future value in the current state of ‘scientism’.

I have consistently been critical of the foundations here: the triad, and the seven term system, the keys to the kingdom of Higher Mystical Bullshit Samkhya, have never, not even in Bennett, received a correct foundation, as far as I can tell. But Bennett shows how even without a true key to the two conceptual fields a glimpse into a real absolute materialism can be established (with many echoes of Schopenhauer). The left should fight to get back an ancient materialist subject attacked so many times by the neo-brahmins, and might simply replace dialectical materialism with an historical study here, a sort of debriefing process in the wreckage of triadic muddles.

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