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R48G: marxism is actually strangling the left…

June 25th, 2017 · No Comments

The left is suffering, as noted here many times, from a dogmatic brand of the marxist legacy which is unwittingly dividing activists among themselves and preventing any real public response: the legacy is too controversial at this point and generates kneejerk reactions.

We have suggested a thorough caesura with the past, a new formulation of history, politics, and economy, remaining faithful to the socialist tradition which has been monopolized by a kind of marxist jargon syndrome, wrong analyses of history and economic evolution, etc…After all the theory of the marxist brand there was never really a program that was specific and a whole series of catch-22’s emerged along with the implacable opposition from the capitalist zones.

We have suggested a new hybrid form of communism brought to liberalism and liberalism brought to communism: this forces thinking to get specific and once it is clear what one is doing a program can come into being. The point here is that defined in this way the red herring of the ‘end of history’ propaganda is deconstructed and the problem is one of variants of one and the same strain of democracy, socialism, liberalism, with rights, a new politics beyond corruption, a place for markets, a place for planning, a place for semi-anarchist sectors, in a triad of potentials and a basic commitment to a Commons in which the issue of capital is contained in a system guaranteeing social sanity, economic populism, and basic human and economic rights.
The very difficult questions as to a corrupt, criminal governmental complex (with a deep state, or states) grossly excessive in its imperialistic, militarist and warmongering abetted by corrupt covert agencies out of control and the mainline of capitalist domination makes the whole question still more difficult. But where many marxists have actually given up and simply chant old mantras a new generation with a new and vigorous platform can proceed without having to justify even statement made by Marx or Lenin. Just say goodbye to all that and start over…


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