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R48G: our message proceeds tortoise-style and is getting through, slowly but surely despite total ostracism from the left/marxist frankensteins…

June 25th, 2017 · No Comments

This blog is a bit repetitive at this point but its statistics are actually improving due to the fixed format:
in the last year one point seven million (1786104) visits and over eight million page views (8381365}.
That means our message is getting through but it is unfortunate one cannot quite jumpstart a movement of some kind.
At my age that won’t happen and in any case dissent from the ‘party line or lines’ means instant ostracism. That is misleading because the big wigs are not in charge of anything.
We cite the stats as a reminder that in the age of the internet the control by celebrities and a leftist establishment no longer really works.
So there is an implied warning there to break old habits and stop thinking the next Lenin and boilerplate marxism is going to provide salvation. It will end up stalinist in short order. It would be nice if the left could actually produce a new Lenin, however. But our circumstance is different. The question of Russia, bolshevism, and the second international is too dated now to work.
We must redo the whole gambit.
Nonetheless, the marxist legacy is a real program and it appeals to those who wish to belong, usually by ceasing to think about what is needed. Simply invoking Marx won’t work any more.
We have suggested dropping useless theories and focusing on constructivist operations with respect to economics, politics, and social transformation. The latter term can refer to both evolutionary and/or revolutionary paths. The evolutionary option remains the only choice for many and that is fine as long as one can consider a real program without the social democratic compromise syndrome that vitiates fundamental change.
We have produced a comprehensive set of initiatives:
two manifestos
a new perspective on history and evolution
a way beyond darwinism
a synthesis beyond materialism/idealism
a path to a new universal ‘materialism’ that can integrate secular, religious, and politics perspectives…

and any number of books:
World History and the Eonic Effect
Descent of Man Revisited
Last and First Men
Enigma of the Axial Age
Point of No Return
The Crisis of Modernity

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