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 The ‘god talk’ syndrome and the profits of the prophets

June 29th, 2017 · No Comments

this is a pretty harsh take (there is a link to Huffpost) on ‘still another god book’ exploitation, scroll through the linked books at amazon for dozens more like it.
We have talked about ‘reformation’ today but it is already a thriving industry, and a suspiciously profitable business.
Our take on the eonic effect won’t be profitable and dispenses with ‘god’ mythologizing. The term ‘god’ is corrupted discourse and muddles issues that are completely distinct, the issue of design, purpose, soul, for example are scrambled together no doubt to increase sales.
Theists need to graduate to something intelligent, a new and better ‘atheism’ in quotation marks to clear the muddle out of the brain…
Our ‘reformation’ is in ‘abort’ mode, it seems…

Source: Neurologist: “Neuroscience is totally wrong”; touts dualism, spirituality, God « Why Evolution Is True

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