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archive: Kant’s challenge resolved

June 30th, 2017 · No Comments

The solution to Kant’s Challenge (and the Hegelian idiocy over the end of history) is sixteen years old, but the academic community refuses to even look at the solution
May 12th, 2016 ·

Beyond the ‘end of history’ meme…

Fukuyama’s confusions

I am often shocked by the strange mental state of academics, and in particular Kantians, what to say of those in the cohort of the Hegelian confused, over Fukuyama. A whole generation has been turning in circles around the ‘end of history’ nonsense, a fictitious discourse, while a simple solution to the question, more specifically, to the issues of Kant’s essay, was provided by WHEE: history-and-evolution.com..

You can challenge this solution, but to do that you have to lift the ostracism of Iron Cage muffled voices that can’t acknowledge the existence of anyone outside their propaganda field.

Face reality, the solution to Kant’s Challenge is sitting there waiting for a simple comment from the frozen idiots in the so-called philosophy field.

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