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R48G: NOT our president…the stark reality of a revolutionary option…passive americans complicit in Trump’s crime against humanity…

June 30th, 2017 · 2 Comments


We confront an almost grostesque situation between a lunatic climate denial pseudo-president, elected in a fraud, and a stark deadline for a response to emerging climate catastrophe. This situation once seemed to be incipient fascism, but in an irony the situation seems to be provoking a revolutionary response, at least in a kind of virtual perspective. The almost absolute provocation demands something the left is unable to provide, in part because its leadership is not able to rise to the occasion.
We have passed the point at which our submission to conventional politics is a relevant ‘duty’ even as the prospect of a revolutionary initiative seems to fade into thin air. In part the marxist left has failed to upgrade their platform and yet monopolizes revolutionary rhetoric.

We have suggested reflection on the idea of ‘virtual revolution’ to consider the ‘last chance option’.

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